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A Time of Reflection

As the year swiftly comes to an end it is almost impossible for us to believe that we have been in our RV for two years! I am so proud of us as a family, and I am also excited about next year. As many of you know our RV journey started two years ago, like many that we have met along our travels, it was a chance to feel more connected to one another and an opportunity to see the country. One of the things we did not expect to hear so often was this common theme of “my wife or husband was supposed to be with me” It is a statement that hits home for both Brittan and I as we both lost are parents shortly after they retired.

The decision to take the leap of faith was simple, we wanted time to enjoy life. We decided to go from 3500 ft.² of home and 5 acres of land to having the entire country as our back yard. Our tiny home on wheels has afforded us the luxury of roaming the states, and being together as a family, but most importantly it has given us time to be connected. Although RV Life may appear to be a constant vacation it is anything but that! In fact, in some way’s full-time travel is so much work. With that said we do not regret this lifestyle at all.

As this year swiftly ends, if you’ve had an itch to take a leap of faith in any aspect of your life, I say go for it! I encourage you to dig deep, reflect on those things and people who matter most to you and think about where you could be this time next year if you take those steps.

With Love,


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