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How do we get mail while RV traveling?

A huge question for us is how do we receive our mail while being a full-time RV family?

Here’s a few quick tips and ideas that can help you navigate this part of full-time RV life.

First and probably most importantly, start by eliminating your mail by going digital whenever you can. You’d be pleasantly surprised to find out that some companies even reduce your bill monthly bill for going paperless!

Secondly, you can have any mail that you need sent via paper to a friend, family member or even a PO Box that someone can check periodically. This will help catch anything that may be important! 

Third, UPS and Fed Ex have lockers if you are having your mail sent to friends or family once you stop at a location you can locate one of these lockers and have them put your mail in a box and shipped! You can check both UPS and Fed Ex to find out all the details.

Fourth, and this is a big-time game changer Amazon now has Amazon lockers so all those Amazon packages -you know the ones that fill up our whole doorway- can now be sent to an Amazon locker! It’s as easy as receiving a six digit code and opening your locker. WHAT! 

Lastly, often times you will find that at RV Resorts you can have packages sent. We do find that USPS mail (meaning letters) are often not encouraged, but we have never run into a situation where a front office is unwilling to receive a package delivered by UPS, FedEx, Postal Service or Amazon.

What has truly helped us the most is going online or digital for all of our monthly bills.

 The bonus to all of this is by not being able to receive mail you spend less on those unnecessary late night purchases!

We hope this helps! Keep those questions coming!

With Love 

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