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Our Jayco…Our Home

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Choosing an RV can be a tumultuous task especially if you are a “newbie” like we were!  Let’s be honest! RV, 5th wheel, C-class, solar panels, dump tanks, slide out panels, storage the list just goes on! WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? One thing that made this purchase so easy for us was the quality of our Jayco 5th wheel! It’s truly a cut above the rest! It is also a 4 season 5th wheel which we needed since we are living in it fulltime!  My best advice to you is make a list!  Your must haves, your wants and what you’d love to do with the space!  My next best advice is go sit in one! Pack a lunch! Take the kids and sit in it like you were living in it!  Jayco offers the best warranty on the RV Market! Top quality customer service and luxury living that will keep your guests wanting to buy one too! Below is our Home our Jayco! This is not one size fits all so go see for yourself and your family! 

With Love, 


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