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RV Slang what you need to know to look in the know!

RV Slang what you need to know to look in the know!

You are starting to think about an RV and are met with all kinds of new verbiage! Yikes what does any of these mean? It didn’t take long for us to get confused when looking into RV life, like what is a honey pot?

Below you will find the most common terms used in the RV world. I like to say fake it till you make it too! So do not feel overwhelmed by any of the terms you hear, you’ll be listing them off as easy as ABC in no time! until then you can lean on me. Rig: a slang term for RV. This could refer to a fifth wheel, motorhome, camper, or travel trailer. Toad: this refers to the vehicle towed by a motorhome. Also known as a dinghy Synonyms of RV

  • trailer

  • camper

  • caravan

  • van

  • recreational vehicle

  • motor home

  • mobile home

  • coach

3 3 3 RV rules The RV 3-3-3 rule broken down is to 1) drive no more than 300 miles each travel day, 2) arrive no later than 3:00 Electric RV Hookup This is often called shore power, electric hookups can either be 15, 30 or 50 amp. Boondocking Camping without any hook-ups. Also called dry camping. You have no electric, outside water or sewer. Full hook up This is when you have electric, water and sewer provided by the RV Park. W/E only This is when you only have water and electric Control Panel A panel where you can control and adjust the RV’s systems for climate, water, and power. Many modern RVs include touchscreen panels and/or apps for ease of use. Dry Weight The weight of the RV as it comes off the assembly line. Doesn’t include supplies, water, fuel, or passenger weights. Manufacturers weigh each RV and apply a sticker listing the dry weight prior to shipping. Honey pot The storage compartment where you dump your own waste in and take it to a sewer dump Tow Rating The maximum weight a tow vehicle can safely tow, determined by the vehicle manufacturer. Consult the vehicle manufacturer or use a towing guide to find out the towing capacity of a particular vehicle. With love & epic adventures!

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