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Tiny Holiday Décor

When we think about the Holidays, we think about all the traditions that surround decorating a home, selecting the perfect tree, hanging lights, and looking at the memories of décor from Christmas’s past. A large part of getting into the holiday spirit lies heavily on decorating, and just because you are living tiny, this does not mean that you must skip any of those traditions or miss out on those holiday feelings. What if I told you, you could still feel all those feelings and the bonus is you will enjoy it more because truthfully, less is more.

Here are a few helpful tips as we move into the next holiday which happens to be my favorite, Christmas! By creating and cultivating meaningful moments with you and your family and by having a smaller area to decorate you will in fact have more time to truly enjoy the holiday.

Let’s start with one of my favorites, create new traditions- What’s so wrong with creating a new tradition? One of the traditions we started while traveling was purchasing a Christmas tree ornament from our National Parks, giving us an opportunity to purchase a keepsake and bonus a Christmas decoration.

Think creatively for holiday décor placement. We set up our tree at the end of our kitchen island and found that to be the best location, this is not a traditional tree spot, originally of course I kept thinking let’s put it next to the fireplace but wow it worked. Move things around and see what the perfect placement is, you may just surprise yourself.

Decorating all the rooms, do not be afraid to do this! This is a fun one, because your space is smaller you will be able to decorate areas that you may not have been able to in a traditional home. Decorating our kids full bunk room is always a favorite for us, here are a few easy ways to do this. Bedding, pillows, small stockings, and homemade decorations make for a very inexpensive holiday transformation.

Decorating spaces like the kitchen which is typically a focal point in any RV can be easy. A few hand towels, new Christmas mugs, some greenery, adding soft twinkle lighting and a pine scented candle can go a long way.

When thinking about your holiday décor you will want to pick a theme, think about the colors, and feel you want throughout your space and roll with it try to not over think this part of the process because you want to have fun decorating. When shopping think outside the box, those small touches will go a very long way. Items such as salt and pepper shakers, cutting boards, candles, hand towels, blankets, pillows and fresh holiday pine and flowers. You will not need much to transform your tiny home on wheels to a Christmas wonderland.

I think you will find that small living during the holidays just feels better. You can keep traditions alive and create new ones, remember holiday time is to be spent with the ones we love not stressing over decorating.

Happy Holidays & Happy Decorating this Holiday Season.

With Love,

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