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I wanted time... time with my family time with my husband and time to enjoy life. After losing my mom way too early in life, I quickly learned the importance of time and what is truly important

to me as a mother.  No matter how much I tried to organize, streamline processes,

hire help for our home and lawn we just couldn’t do it.

We decided to go from 3500 sq. ft. of home & 5 acres of land to the perfect RV life!

We are a road schooling, free living, inspiring- others family!! We love to learn and grow through experiences and not just books...

We are seeking out all national parks and every little nook and cranny of fun that we can find between the United States and Canada all in our amazing Jayco 5th wheel!

So here we are and we hope you love our journey. We hope we can inspire others to leave self doubt behind, jump outside of the box and go for it!!

We are happy you are here!


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Chaos Kiddos and Harmony has an amazing following and network of supporters. The loyalty and interaction has been incredible and we are excited to be expanding into our website, blog, and youtube vlog . We hope to be a go-to resource for families just like us to connect and share.

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Our audience is growing every day, and those who follow are interactive, loyal, and responsive! We don't just get likes, we get real conversations with real people who want to know more.
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