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Bigger isn’t always Better!

What’s one of the first things you think about when you think about a holiday?

It is probably your house, decorating and baking but what if I told you that bigger isn’t always better!

In fact by taking away the feeling of “needing to do this and needing to do that” we create more time and space for memories and quality time with our family!

Tiny living doesn’t mean you can’t fully celebrate a holiday, it just means that you get the opportunity to truly pick and choose what is important to you and your family.

Here’s a few helpful tips as we move into the next holiday which happens to be my favorite!!! Easter! By creating and cultivating meaningful moments with you and your littles!

  • Create holiday decorations- By creating your own decorations you can add in a bit of learning and family time!

This bunny garland is made from an old book but you could also use pamphlets or handouts from places you visited along your travel.

  • Homemade Table settings- These egg table settings are made from an Amazon box, yarn and flowers from outside! A good old sharpie and hole punch!

  • Keeping traditions alive- Find the baking traditions that mean the most! Perhaps instead of making a huge cake you find some mini cakes to bake, or mini cupcakes! Doubling a batch doesn’t mean it’s better! Cut your recipes in half! This also means less sugar for the kiddos! Which is always a win in my book!

  • Create new traditions- What’s so wrong with creating a new tradition? If you’re living in an RV like us, chances are you’re somewhere where you can be outdoors! So create a new tradition, maybe it’s a hike, maybe it’s eating outdoors since there’s typically a picnic table at every RV site or maybe it’s taking a break from cooking and going out to eat on a holiday!

Create something new this year! Make that next years tradition!

...the opportunity to truly pick and choose what is important to you and your family.

Lastly, remember that what you see on social media, and Pinterest boards are just a snap into someone’s life!

It’s a picture, it’s a moment it’s NOT reality. And although, I like many of you love those picture perfect scenes, sometimes it can make us feel overwhelmed.

The most important thing about holidays is who you are with and how you spend your time! It is not about perfect table settings or a Pinterest worthy post.

No matter where you live, I challenge you to connect with the ones you love more this holiday!

With Love,

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