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Hitting the Road Travel Day Checklist

Hello to all of you, if you have landed on this blog hopefully you are getting ready for an adventure, or you’ve been adventuring! One thing that we always talk about is safety and I can tell you that doing a few key things, I think can really help.

Travel days are always stressful and honestly, I feel as though I am really organized and so it always throws me for a loop when I cannot seem to pull it together!! With 100% certainty though a few small habits to build into your days will help!

Slow Down- Make sure you are not rushing on travel day, wake up early and go to bed early the night before.

Pre Plan Meals- This is key, I cannot stress this enough, pre-plan meals for that morning and during the day, this will help especially if you have children.

Build in Time- Make sure you build in time for the “what if” moments, they will always happen on travel days. From little things like the weather to bigger things like a slide not sliding in!

Have a Check List- I really cannot stress this last step enough! No matter how long we RV, making sure that we both look at a check list every time we go to leave is important.

With that said I am sharing our check list; this is simply a guide and not in any way all the steps you may have for your set-up. We use this each time we go along with walking around the RV multiple times for a visual look.

Hitting the road

  • Clear slide areas

  • Secure glass items

  • Closet door secure

  • Bathroom door secure no

  • Shower secure

  • Bunk room door secure

  • Secure fridge

  • Turn off AC

  • Verify desired water pump settings

  • Slides in

  • Inverter on

  • Verify full close

  • Dump tanks (black then gray)

  • Flush (if necessary)

  • Hoses detached and stored

  • Power detached and stored

  • Latches locked

  • Wheels Chucked

  • Tailgate down

  • Bring rig up to hitch height

  • Unlock hitch

  • Line up and back into hitch

  • Verify lock and set safely pin

  • Attach emergency brake line

  • Attach lights

  • Tailgate up

  • Verify all lights

  • Lower rig onto truck

  • Retract ALL trailer lifts

  • Remove chucks

  • Set Tow/Haul setting in truck

  • Verify camera operation (screen in cab, Add-on camera in BACK of rig)

  • Mirrors out and set

  • Drive!

We hope this gives you an idea of all the steps before you get on the road! Happy and fun adventures friends!

With Love-


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