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Travel In 2024 What’s Changing

The RV world is ever changing and truly we are forever learning about how to tackle our travel plans and day to day life. I always say that RV life is a steep learning curve and I feel so lucky that we have had 2 years under our belts to grow and learn. Although, there have been pain points I feel we have learned valuable lessons that will really impact how we travel in 2024.

What’s Changing

Why am I sharing this with you? Because if you’ve landed on my Blog for travel this could help

you as well. Especially if you are new to “RV Life”

Take things slow- this is the most common mistake made when you first start to rv, we have

done it ourselves and met countless other fulltime RV families that say the exact same thing.

Moving too fast can have a domino effect on your journey. For starters you are spending more money on fuel, which is pricey. You are unable to really enjoy a location because you are not there long enough. You will tend to slack on routine and day to day tasks because you are cramming in your things to do at that location. You can save money on month long stays at RV locations. So, what is the sweet spot for stays? This will vary for everyone, but we have found, and we will also be doing this in 2024 3-4 weeks is best!

Be careful with what you buy- RV gadgets and “things” you think you need can feel overwhelming. When we first started, we purchased a lot of items we thought we needed.

Although, there are things that make RV life easier I am going to share what we could not live

without after 2 years on the road as a family of 5. Washer & Dryer, our ClearSource, small leaf

blower, comfy outdoor chairs, Keurig slim fit coffee maker, Garmin GPS, Shark slim vacuum. As a homeschooling mom we do have a laser printer and I honestly feel that has helped me so much so if you are homeschooling add that to your list. We also love organizing bins and

baskets to store things, you can never have too many baskets.

More patience- RV life is not always easy and looking back on the past 2 years there are times we all got a little “uptight” I would highly encourage you to look at things as a process and not a race. It seems like every move day the weather would snow or rain it became a joke for us. So, instead of being upset we finally leaned into just allowing more time for travel days. Arriving at locations that you thought were one thing and then turned out to be not what you thought- allow patience. If you are traveling with kids or dogs or a spouse allow patience. Your mindset will need to be more open and willing to be patient in this lifestyle.

Where Are We Headed

This year will be about finishing the lower 48 and Alaska! We really feel lucky to be on this

journey and we realize it is not for everyone and not forever, so we are taking advantage of

being in the middle of RV life and going for it! The first few months of the year will be in Florida,

Georgia and Tennessee and then we will make our way out west. We hope our paths cross this year!

With Love,

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