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Community on the Road

Following our last blog about the truth of rv life I wanted to dive into some helpful tips for building community on the road. The road can be a fun exciting place with lots of adventures, but it can also feel lonesome. Making sure that you are listening to yourself and fellow travelers (aka your family) will be key.

I would personally pay close attention to how you were prior to rv life, if being a loner is your thing than making those connections with others may not be as important. On the flip side if you were a social butterfly than making sure you are meeting others will be important.

A helpful way to stay connected with others on the road will depend on where you are staying- the gamut is huge! Stays can range from boon-docking with NO ONE around to daily schedules and meet-ups. National Parks and State Parks tend to have fewer social connections as folks are usually there to see the parks, your RV Resorts will have more of a community feel. Boon-docking is typically a more remote option, but I have seen stops were it’s a community of like-minded travelers connecting at night over a fire.

Beyond where you are staying- let’s look at if you are staying in one area for an extended time how can you be a part of the community? Some of your more obvious resources especially for families with children are the library, community centers, the ymca and local parks and playgrounds.

Some of the places we have grown to adore are local downtown areas, small coffee shops, open mic nights and brewery’s/wineries. We have also found amazing connections with locally owned restaurants, farmers markets.

So how do you find out about these places? Some of your best resources will be on social media- Facebook, Instagram and a quick google search of things to do in this area will unleash several recommendations. A great way to look for events is set up your Facebook for that zip code and simply click events. Instagram is just as easy a quick hashtag search of the towns name will typically pull up a number of places that have been tagged! If it was social media worthy you know its worth a visit!

Visit the local downtown area- this is always a great resource! I love to start at the cities Chamber and then stroll a downtown area looking for local flyers and info for upcoming events- a quick stop in a coffee shop usually boasts with “what’s happening news!”

Submerging yourself in new towns and areas are a fantastic way to learn and grow on the road! Happy and safe travels!

With Love-

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