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Designing & Decorating your RV

So you’ve decided to buy an RV and now you want to design and decorate the inside of it.

Decorating a tiny space can be so much fun for so many reasons but one of the reasons I love it, is simply it’s smaller! 

Decorating a huge home is not only overwhelming it’s down right expensive! I don’t know about you but I alway fell victim to starting in one room then feeling like I needed to decorate another room or area.

In this blog post let’s dive into EASY decorating tips!

I’m going to share with you three easy, quick, affordable design tips that will make your RV feel like home in a matter of minutes.

  • Candles are an amazing way to set the mood and create some great evening lighting. They also can add a festive touch around the holidays or set a color scheme by adding a pop of color. Adding candles, is also a low cost item ranking it top of my list to add to your RV.

  • Rugs I love this one, rugs, rugs and rugs! Rugs can create a grounding feeling and center a room in just an instant! They can make a space that feels cool warm and create a balance to any area. I want you to think about all areas in your RV too! Hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens add those rugs!

  • Flowers & plants equal instant mood booster and instant way to make your space feel more homie! Here’s one of my favorite things to do, add a plant from a local farmers market or area. For example we are roaming out west and I just had to add a succulent to our space! It’s also an amazing souvenir for a tiny space when buying things everywhere is really not an option.

Some of my other items are lamps, pictures of your family and throw pillows and blankets. Bed linens can also add pops of color and set a whole room in an RV. 

Most importantly have fun and go with the flow, live in the space and see how things feel. Nothing will come together overnight so be ok with settling in and changing the decor as you spend time in your new home.

With Love-


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