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Halloween in an RV! SCARY or NOT?

One of the first things for us when we embarked on RV life was how will this

affect our kids? We swiftly realized that there is even more community in RV life

than what we were feeling when we lived in our sticks and bricks home. I believe

a large part of that is because you are stripped away from any type of

materialistic items and able to just connect with others on a core level. Although,

let’s be honest the bigger reason is you are not weighed down with your day-to-

day tasks, you are able to sit around the campfire with friends and talk as

opposed to mowing the lawn and household chores.

This leads me into just how fun holidays can be in an RV because you are able to

open up so much more free time. So, let’s look and dive into how you can make

Halloween fun for your littles or bigs or what the heck even yourself during

Halloween, a holiday that I feel has a lot to do with community.

You may immediately think if you’re not in a home with your neighborhood how

could you possibly trick-or-treat or enjoy in all that, typical Halloween fun?

Here are some of the tips that have helped us navigate the holidays in RV and

particularly in this article, I will talk to you about Halloween. One of the first

things you will want to do is find an RV camping spot that has activities. So maybe

RV resorts, more trendy RV camping spots are not your thing, well, make them

your thing for a holiday for your kiddos. The benefits of being around people and

other children during the holidays only provides more excitement and adds to the

fun. We have found that finding campground such as KOA‘s or RV resorts often

have a full holiday schedule with planned activities truly taking so much off of our

plate for planning.

Last Halloween we found quite possibly the best RV location ever for RV trick-or-

treating. It was a KOA situated in Williams, Arizona. Each RV went so above and

beyond to make all of the kids feel like they were trick-or-treating!

We have seen this common theme again and again with larger RV resorts due to

the fact that they do have so many people there and the more people often times

the more activities.

Another phenomenal tip and opportunity is– rely on downtown areas. Most

downtown areas will hold a community trick-or-treat event. Last year we were

able to drive from Williams to Flagstaff, just a short drive but had one of the most

phenomenal times trick-or-treating with a community. The kids even joined in on

a costume contest.

Wherever you may be finding yourself this Halloween remember there are

resources out there. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t be afraid, even if

you do not belong or live in the community to participate.

Take the time to research the area and book places that you know may have

more of a community feel. Chances are if you are looking for a remote location,

you are then not going to find a ton of resources for things for your kids to do.

Also, in closing, remember that with every holiday, there’s always an opportunity

to decorate your RV just like it was your sticks and bricks home, and an

opportunity to create new memories, new traditions, and do things as a family.

We have found over the last few years that, allowing some of these holidays to

truly just be about us has been very welcoming and needed.

Wherever you may find yourself this Halloween, be safe, have fun, and make

memories while you can.

With Love,

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