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Here I am!

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

How did I end up here? Mom of 3 kiddos and 2 furry kiddos! Writing to you from my RV!


Seems like a far stretch from what feels like another lifetime! Scaling the corporate ladders of the marketing world! Working with Fortune 500 companies and enjoying those NYC brunches.

Yet it feels as though this was the only life meant for me. That my husband and I have been preparing for this change for years, that unfortunately and fortunately we were both exhausted trying to “keep up!”

Endless gratitude for being a mother but brutally honest that I missed my creative outlet….. photography, blogging, designing with food, nature and allowing a side of me to shine that somehow takes a backseat when motherhood swoops in like a hurricane.

Motherhood has taught me so much but high on the list are humility, grace and honesty.

Yet it feels as though this was the only life meant for me.

I feel lucky to even have one person following our journey as a family and following along with my trials and errors of motherhood, road schooling and RV life!

Dancing this tight rope of Chaos and Harmony that I call life!

So in this world of social media that can often leave us feeling not enough, I hope I can share that you are! That we are all truly just showing up each day doing our best!

So from my RV to where ever you are! I am sending so much love!

Thanks for being here!

With Love,

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