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Hot Springs, Arkansas was awesomely underwhelming!

Our trip to Arkansas was underwhelming in the best way possible, it is noted as one of the most easily accessible National Parks and for good reason!

The National Park itself is easy to navigate and Bathhouse Row which seemed very complicated to grasp was easy to understand once I saw it!

To not over complicate things, it’s essentially a road which is still on National Park land with an abundance of Hot Springs! Shopping, Bath Houses and dining! The term bath houses means spas! As of today, there are only two bathhouse’s still functioning as actual spas!

They have an incredible welcome center, the Ranger program was amazing, a brewery and a hotel! Let’s start with some other positive things!

The National Park itself is beautiful the The Hot Springs are equally beautiful and extremely interesting to learn about!

You can bring your own bottles to fill up, and the Junior Ranger program was awesome - the kids got to earn another badge!

The Superior Bathhouse Brewery is the only National Park with a brewery and was absolutely fantastic!

A stroll on the Grand Promenade is a must it runs behind all of the bath houses and is a casual walk.

The National Park has a great camping spot, Gulpha Gorge! I would note it’s definitely not for larger RV’s we had originally booked there and had to find last-minute arrangements due to the fact that our RV could have fit, but it would have taken hitting a few trees to do so!

The State Park, Catherine State Park is stunning and the hikes are beautiful and we found an epic waterfall!

We left Arkansas feeling rejuvenated and relaxed because it was underwhelming, in the best sense!

Not too much to do and not too busy as we said the National Park was super easy and accessible as well as all the hikes.

We have a full review of our RV spot on our RV Life tab so head over that way if you’re looking for a cool spot to stay - it definitely made the whole trip!

With Love,


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