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In a New York Minute

Visiting the Big Apple with kids can seem like an impossible task! There is so much to do and if you don’t have a lot of time, you can end up feeling exhausted!

It’s also an expensive place to visit! Let’s be honest between food and transportation alone it can add up!

Here’s what is not impossible! Making a trip fun, easier and less costly!

There is a ton of information out there written by far more qualified travel experts than I, but what I can share is my knowledge of once living in the city and navigating it now with kids the past 3 weeks!

Here’s a few of my “ Top Tips” if you are visiting with kids!

  • Pick your top things to do and do NOT over-book yourself

  • Stay somewhere less popular for example, Hell’s Kitchen, Gramercy or Chelsea. Staying in a hotel in Times Square will blow your budget right up front between more expensive food and hotel prices alone!

  • Do the Big Red Bus tour, this is a way to see the whole city without paying for taxi rides! It is also packed with information.

  • Dine at places off the main roads for example your restaurant on Broadway or in Central Park is far more costly than the restaurant tucked down a side street! There is an over abundance of amazing food in the city so you don’t have to dine at the most popular spots!

There is so much to do and if you don’t have a lot of time, you can end up feeling exhausted!

Now for the juicy FREEBIE spots! ((Or near FREE))

-The New York Public Library

-Bryant Park

-LEGO store

-FAO Schwartz

-Central Park

-Walking the Brooklyn Bridge, or the East or West side rivers

-Very low cost the carousels at Bryant or Central Park

-Walk past the Central Park Zoo and watch the seal show from outside! Yup you can see it perfectly

-Wall street and Battery Park area you can also catch a great view of the Statue of Liberty from here

-Macy’s in Herald Square free and fun to walk around

-During cooler months look for pop up ice skating rinks

And just because I am a mom and feel I should share this-detail---

We all know bathrooms and kids in the city can be hard!

So here’s a few public ones that you can use!

Bryant Park

Central Park

Apple store on 5th Ave

FAO Schwartz

Lastly, pack those snacks! Feel free to pack those bento boxes, waters and things that you know your littles will eat! Street food and snacks will add up fast!

I hope this helps!

With Love,


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