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Jayco RV Kitchen

One of my top questions as a full-time RV family is how do we cook and how is the kitchen big enough?

I wanted to share with all of you some of my top picks for items that I feel are essential in your RV! Of course depending on what size RV you have this could be a bit skewed but, for the most part you’d be extremely surprised about how much space you actually have in your RV.

Top of my list is coffee, what mom doesn’t need coffee? I absolutely am in love with our Keurig Slim not only is it tiny but it’s nice and slim and takes up very little space on my counter.

Next, a must have for this family is a small Ninja. This helps with any type of smoothies or even blending that we need.

This next one is a must, I cannot recommend enough a low profile cookware set. My personal favorite is the Calphalon Low Profile, it stacks so easy and is truly low profile and takes up minimal space.

Dishes obviously are a must and before anyone says anything about saving the environment we try to cut back and be eco-friendly in other ways but truly there are situations when paper plates are just much easier!

A good staple set to have that I love is a plastic set from Target because “shift” does happen when you drive LOL.

As far as baking, we have cake plates, cupcake pans and a great assortment of Pyrex containers.

Mixing bowls from Target are a must! Make sure they are stackable with covers to use as a dual purpose! Storage and mixing!

We have a full silverware set, and all the essential kitchen tools and gadgets as far as wine opener, mixing spoons etc

My best advice to you is less is more you don’t need four wooden spoons and five spatulas so pick your favorites and pack them!

Just think about how many spoons and spatulas and mixing bowls you are really going to use preparing one meal and start there

One of my most important tips to leave you with is you MUST know that glass is not your friend if you are traveling in your RV!! Sure, there are ways to wrap the glass so it doesn’t break but all of that takes time effort and energy and if you’re like me, time saving tips are the best!

Again, think less is more! Just think about how many spoons and spatulas and mixing bowls you are really going to use preparing one meal and start there. Lastly, get creative with storage!

With Love,

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