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KOA- RV Stays

There are several places to stay when you have an RV. Honestly, when we first started it felt so overwhelming and all consuming. Where to stay, how long, discounts and the list can go on. I quickly realized for us a few key factors were critical and would determine “where” we could stay.

There are so many things you will need to keep in mind but let’s start with some of the more obvious and bigger ones: do you have kids, animals, will you be needing wi-fi for work and full hook ups?

If you haven’t watched our RV Slang video on YouTube and you are new to rv life and unsure of all the terms, I advise you to watch it- it is super helpful.

If you are needing water, electric and sewer AKA Full Hook-ups you will cut out all the boondocking sites and a lot of the National Parks and State Parks. If you do not need any or all of them you open up for more opportunities.

If you are looking for amenities RV Parks/Resorts will have more to offer than a National or State Park

Although, I could write a full blog article on the various stays, one I really want to highlight today is staying at a KOA and WHY we choose those along our traveling journeys. For starters - there are standards from corporate for each KOA and this helps tremendously. There is always a pet area which is just such a nice item if you have pets.

The amenities for adults and children vary from each KOA but I can assure you that they always have something for everyone.

Amenities can be so important for those quick turnaround travel days for example when we head from coast to coast, we have one night at each stop. Being able to lean on a pool, playground, gem mining and sometimes a restaurant is so nice.

They are also so important for longer stays or if you are needing a camping spot with a variety of things to do for children or adults.

Some of the other perks are typically more security, a front office with supplies, propane and

KOA campgrounds also have a rewards-based program that is worth every penny! You join for $36.00 and enjoy 10% off your stays, accumulate points that turn into cash off for future stays and a free night of camping during KOA rewards weekend.

This has been one of those memberships that I would highly recommend. We have never had a bad experience at a KOA and for those of you travelling with children or pets wanting full hook-ups and a variety of amenities this is the camping spot for you!


With Love- Gwendolyn

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