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Let’s Eat

One of the the things I love the most about our RV living space, is this high top table!

I knew I wanted to recreate this space to fit our needs when we first bought our RV!

First, I adore all the windows in our Jayco! This table from Wayfair fit perfectly underneath the window showcasing the beautiful natural light!

It allows our kids to watch all the nature as they eat or for my husband to watch us play outside while he’s working! (Poor Guy!)

A great little bonus is, it has two outlets on the side and two USB chargers!

By removing the built in table it added more walk way space, so we could add in this bench that we loved from our old home!

It’s where the kiddos put on their shoes and a great bench to use as a coffee table!

RV Life is all about being versatile!

Check out the link below to the high top table!

With Love,


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