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Loft Space

One of the things I literally LOVE about tiny living is the ability to design and re-design spaces without it being overwhelming and too costly! Now don’t get me wrong any home project big or small can add up. But when you take away an extra 3,500 sq feet chances are, you reduce costs.

You also reduce the amount of “stuff” you need to buy to create a space. Even from things like the amount of wallpaper you purchase can really impact your design budget. 

This loft space was an absolute blast to re-do minus the tight space wallpapering. That was definitely a killer on the neck.

So how did I tackle this space and what was the inspiration behind it? I noticed that this loft space was hardly being used by our kiddos. Largely in part because frankly they all love to play together and things were getting tight up there. Thus forcing me back to the drawing board for how we could use this space.

A reading nook seemed like the best option. One-because that’s something they often love to do alone and two- it can be done laying down on comfy bedding and pillows making this the perfect space.

So to get started I thought about my vision and what “theme” I’d like. I knew I wanted a bedroom feel but since this is open to all eyes I didn’t want it to look too much like a bedroom. 

I started by knowing I wanted a dark wallpaper- this amazing wallpaper set the tone and is from Target- it is easy to install and so forgiving these two things are crucial when you are working in a very tight spot.

Here are a few of the other items I added in to round out this area.

  • a fluffy rug brought in a new dimension of texture and grounded the space

  • pillows and blankets added that cozy bed like feeling 

  • lighting- this is always key for any space a dim light can set the mood and tone

  • lastly books and calming activities 

I decided to purchase everything from Target because I wanted the same dye lots and to keep the theme very similar. When you are working in a tiny space color changes can be very noticeable, so keep that in mind. Two shades of blue that are off will be much more apparent in a tiny space.

Remember, when you are creating a space it may not always go as planned, I really had my heart on this loft space always being a play area. However, now I can’t imagine it being anything other than this magical little reading nook!

Do you have any upcoming design projects? Want help? Ask me questions, I love to share. Hope over to our Instagram to see more of our rv design fun. 

With Love


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