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Long Travel Days with Little Children

You can start each travel day with the best of intentions, but little kids can really throw a wrench into any travel day quickly. Those of you who have children can probably relate to that statement! One moment the drive is going great and the next you have goldfish flying, screaming, crying and possibly someone asking for a potty break!

I won’t make you a promise that your travel day will be perfect but, I can assure you that with proper planning and prep it can go smoother. Another key factor that goes such a long way is making sure the adults and even any fur children have all the proper planning done as well. Do not discount that part, it is so important to plan, prep and prepare for anything. Lastly no trip is too small to plan for! Sometimes you will find that even the smallest travel day can turn long, if you factor in that you are hauling or driving an RV nothing is off the table for mishaps.

Here are a few key items that help you for planning:

  • Always pack snacks and extra snacks, there is no telling just how long a travel day can turn into. I have learned over the past almost two years that individual snacks bags, bento boxes and some days multiple one’s help! Having special snacks that are only for travel days always get’s everyone excited. Water and more water or anything that you and your children drink, do not forget water for any fur children and bowls. We love to pack a box of crayons and coloring books- a pro travelling tip is we keep this in our truck and rotate this out every few months. That helps keep the children entertained and excited about their “Travel Day” coloring items. Stickers, car bingo, dry erase boards small ones are always fun.

  • Ok I am just going to say it…. Now is not the time to be on the “no technology” side- in full transparency none of our children watched anything until after age 2. However, there is truly a role for technology in children’s lives. Programs like ABC Mouse, and learning programs are such a wonderful way to help pass the time, keep your children occupied and keep your own sanity.

  • Here are few additional things that I always include that you may not think of. We always have our kids in pj’s or comfy clothing we also always pack a spare set of clothing! We never have the children wear shoes we tock them under their seats and we always pack socks in case they start to feel cold. Additionally, we always pack comfy blankets and pillows for their necks.

  • When it comes to pet as mentioned above even if it’s a short travel day those can turn long so pack water, fun chewies and toys for them and even a dog blanket. Make sure you have leashes and collars and a place for them to safely go at rest areas.

  • We also always travel with cash in the car just in case we end up somewhere that does not accept cards or power is out- we have seen this happen. We do not personally do this but we know that many rv’rs carry some extra gas.

Check your route and re-check your route! Make sure you are aware of your rv size and any height limitations!

I hope these tips help you on your travel days!

With Love,


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