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New Year, New You?

I may be one of the few that does not come at a New Year with the approach of change,

resolutions, and new beginnings. Instead, I like to look at the next year as an extension and

time to continue to reflect on the previous year. January is a dark month of winter and cold so

drawing within has always felt right for me. Being able to take time to really sink into “what” I

am manifesting for the next year stirs with in me during the first few months of any new year.

Word vs Resolutions

Are you a resolution kind of a person? No shade if you are but what if I shared with you a

different way to look at a new year. In what I like to call my previous life, when I worked with

some of the top weight loss and fitness companies, we would see that over 80% of people fall

off “resolutions” by the third and fourth week of January?! Doesn’t that seem like a lot? So why is that? Often having a huge goal is really hard. Think about sitting down to eat a cake, although I can eat a whole one. You take it bite by bite and save some for later, right? Looking at 365 days and setting a goal is hard and based on the numbers, I would venture to say almost impossible for most. This is why, I love having a “word” of the year. In the past some of my words have been, grace, time, stillness and more. Typically, my word will just come to me at some point, reoccurring as a common theme in either how I feel or something I am hearing or seeing over and over again.

Putting Your Word into Action

You have picked your word now how do we implement that into our daily lives, goals, and

dreams. I like to break down my word into what it means for me and how it will impact my life.

For example, the word grace for me personally meant, more time for myself, not being so hard on myself or the pressure I put on myself for homeschooling, allowing more grace for my

children. Each day I would remind myself of my word and see how it impacted my days. This

bled over to my diet, fitness and beyond. Your word really can impact all aspects of your life!

I truly hope you think about selecting a word for the year and I am eager to share our RV Life

for year 3 with all of you!

Thank you for being here!

With Love,

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