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Our Curriculum

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Road Schooling and Homeschooling are similar to life!

One second it’s going great and the next you are thinking how did that happen?!?!

Homeschooling multiple ages also brings some challenges but for the most part, they are all learning and absorbing so much!

A few things I learned last year

Go with the flow mommas

Trust your gut and find the curriculum that works for you and your family

Always be willing to give yourself some grace

I am asked quite often what curriculum we use and truly it is eclectic and hard to gather all of it! So here is my best resource guide for all of you:

This year I decided to use The Good and The Beautiful yet again! I absolutely adore this curriculum! The nature, the hints of God and the gorgeous images and references to old poetry and paintings won me over last year! Hands on approach and Montessori all in one!

A Year of Learning was new to the scene for us but oh my!!!! I’m smitten with this approach, the references to Beatrix Potter, Winnie the Pooh, weekly tea time and stunning images and thoughtful approach!!! We are using it for all 3 kiddos.

Harbor and Sprout this is another one with such a soft, gentle approach to learning. Very well thought out learning plan and beautiful to look at! If you like adding in nature! Look no further! I’m excited for this as I’ve signed up for a monthly subscription!

Being able to add into my lessons!

Lastly, I find so many lessons in National Geographic Books and other resources via Amazon! For example as we head to National Parks, I always reference our National Park book! Here is an example of a great added resource for learning!

Homeschooling and now Road Schooling is such an honor for me, and I never forget that! Simply to be able to guide these sweet souls in their days of learning is a gift!!!

Here’s to all of you mommas showing up daily to teach your littles!

With Love,


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