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RV Life with Pets

RV life with pets is definitely a way to make your home on wheels feel more like home! Being able to bring your best friend along for this adventure is key! 

When we decided to go full time RV life one of my major concerns was the dogs! At that point we had 2 dogs and get this, neither ever really walked on a leash! 

We lived on lots of land and our dogs had a majority of their training around being off the leash! 

Switching gears to leash walking and small spaces felt overwhelming! What’s interesting is our dogs have had more time outdoors adventuring than when we lived in our home. 

We quickly drew on the experts! With some training and tips the dogs adjusted so nicely to RV life! Do not be afraid to ask for help and advice! 

I’m sharing some great tips that have really truly helped us!

Have a designated pet area outside!

This may mean you have a dog play pin, dog fence or an area to tie your dog. This really helps with those critical times setting up or breaking down! Dogs definitely feel our energy so if you're stressed, they feel it! 

Finding RV parks with trails, dog parks and designated walking areas. 

Creating comfort zones! Just like your dog may have had a favorite chair or couch at your home- chances are they will find that area within your RV. Bring those blankets or old clothing that smell like you and home! This is especially important during your transition to RV life. 

Be prepared with foods, medications and animal supplies. Depending on where you travel you may not always find a pet store! Using companies like Chewy have been a life saver for us! 

On travel days, be prepared! Take long walks morning of, pack extra food and water, be ready to make stops for potty breaks and water! Bring your pets favorite toy or blanket so they feel at ease.

Anything is doable with a little planning and work! I hope these tips helped! 

With Love 

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