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Saving Money

The truth is - RV life is expensive. I’m just going to say it in the first line and get it over with.

Of course, there are a myriad of factors that can make RV life more expensive and less expensive, but for the average traveler who is enjoying RV life coupled with moving around not staying stationary there are a number of factors and costs that can make that a very pricey endeavor.

How do we know? Basically we learned the hard way our first year of RV travel! I am sharing some of my top recommendations for how you can save money during RV travel, because who doesn’t want to save money!

First, plan those routes! Be mindful of where you’re going and how you’re traveling, look for the best routes and try to not back track.

Stay longer, the longer you stay the less you pay. Keep in mind that those short weekend stops will add up! Options for weekly and monthly rates always lower your cost. Do not forget to ask about water and electric. Often times on monthly stays you are required to pay those utilities so factor those in.

Additionally, when you stay longer that’s less gas. Be sure to download those gas apps and use them! Any gas stations with points etc will add up when you consider how much you are driving.

Let’s talk about locations! RV Resorts are amazing and have so many perks and if that’s in your budget I say go bougie all the time. But if you’re like us and still living on a budget you’ll want to have a variety of stays.

State and City Parks are a great alternative to National Parks who book up fast. Family owned smaller RV Parks are also a great choice and often so wonderfully underrated.

We have to add in my favorite F word, FOOD! There’s no doubt that food costs are on the rise! So eat in, pack your lunch and snacks and don’t be afraid to just order an appetizer or desert when you stop in new locations! I know it’s so fun to take part in local eateries.

Lastly, discounts, apps, clubs and rewards. Do it! Sign up and take advantage - they add up fast when you factor in how much you will be using them.

I hope these tips help! Stay safe on the road and start saving.


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