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We receive the most amount of comments about how do we stand living together in such a small space? I always find that a bit odd considering how much I love my family and love being with them.

The truth is I have yet to feel like I need “more space” quite the opposite. I have felt so liberated from less house to clean and more time to do the things I love!

With RV life comes the ability to really embrace being outside and creating a whole outside living area! You can go as big or small as you want on that! The only thing that truly matters is that you use the outside! I would agree being in the rv all day may start to feel a bit tight!

Keeping things real as I always try to do in this little corner or the Internet - there’s a few key things that help us thrive and let’s be honest...survive as a family of five on the road in such close quarters.

This one rule goes for anyone, rv life or not, schedule time for YOU just YOU! This is key to not feeling overwhelmed or resentful, get your you time in daily! A long walk, journal or go grab your favorite coffee but do it alone.

Every couple needs those date nights. This doesn’t mean you have to go anywhere, it can be after the kids are in bed and right at your RV. Take advantage of that outdoor space. Watch a movie outside, pack a picnic to have outdoors.

Continue to do the things YOU love! You’ll find that being on the road you end up doing a lot of things together, which is great, but don’t miss out on the things you once did individually. It is so easy to also get carried away with excitement of all the new places, so don’t forget about the things you love.

This is a big one if you have kids. Make special dates to be with them separately, this goes a long way. It does not need to be anything fancy- a walk to the playground, ice cream date or take some art supplies to a picnic table. Kids truly require so little when they have our undivided attention.

If you are thinking about rv life or already in it remember one thing that is so important, give yourself grace. Tight spaces can be hard somedays but the pay off is worth it.


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