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The most important room in our RV! The BUNKHOUSE!

Once we made the huge decision that we were leaving our home for an RV the next big decision was… how will we make it feel like home for our three kids, make them feel like they have their own space and fit all of their wants and needs in such a tiny home?!

Well, I’d say we did it! We have the official stamp of approval from the 3 little bosses aka our kiddos!

The most important part was finding an RV that had a Bunkhouse that would work, the moment I saw the Jayco 2022 North Point I knew this was the one!

With a beautiful sliding barn door making it feel private for them, room to create 3 bunks with minimal construction and a WINDOW!

Here’s a few of my must-have‘s that made the space feel complete!

- Special and unique bedding for each kid from target

- Cork board from Michael’s to keep up our road schooling and help the kids get excited about each and every location we’re visiting

- Individual shelves for each bunk area to house our national park badges, books and exciting details about each stop.

- A ring cam which we found to be the only camera that will work in such a unique space due to its fish eye lens

- This amazing wallpaper from Target! So easy to use!!!!!

- National parks map

- Organizing containers Walmart

Additional construction we added some bead board and a chair rail to the side that we removed the desk from. We felt that this added a cozy home like feel to the space!

The paint color where the beds are is Grayish by Sherwin-Williams

Even though the kids are sharing this smaller version of a room from what they’re used to, they each have their own unique space to be creative and feel special.

Truthfully it’s my favorite little space in the RV!

With love,


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Did you guys custom build your own bunks or have them made?


Skylar Mahany
Skylar Mahany

So cute and cozy! I just want to snuggle up in there! ❤️

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