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Three National Park tips!

1.Buy an annual pass!

This has been such a great investment for us! Especially if you're planning a trip out west or plan to spend multiple days at a park! Bonus, not only does it save you money after the second use, it also gets you into the park faster flash your card, flash your ID and your in! (if you are military, there are a TON of great programs and totally free options for passes, so be sure and look in to what you qualify for!)

2. Get up early

In most places the animals are more active in the morning! Plus the crowd gets heavier after 10 AM. We have had so much luck between 6 and 8 AM then we have the rest of the day! We also find that dusk is a great time as well!

3. The 80/20 rule

Spend 20% of your time on the most popular things and 80% of your time finding those off the beaten path areas that give the park it's character! A little bonus - find a self guided tour app to learn more as you drive through.

A word to the wise many National Parks are having timed entry. So be sure if you’re visiting to check on the National Park website to make a reservation for a time.

Most do still allow no reservations before 9 AM and after 3PM which as we pointed out above seems to be one of the best times to go anyways!

Lastly, remember just how lucky we are to have these National Park systems in America! What a gift! Leave no trace behind only foot prints!

Visit the website below for your annual pass!

Happy Trails my friends!

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