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Why do we hire professional photographers?

I don’t know if it’s my personal love for photography, but something early on in my motherhood prompted me to start working with professional photographers to capture our family. Along the way, I have had a lot of people comment that I take great photos as well and although that may be true, I am by no means a professional photographer!!!! Let’s just all be clear on that, I am somebody who enjoys taking photos! To really claim to be a professional photographer that is years of practice and years of perfecting your personal craft.

Some thing I really enjoy doing on the road is meeting with different photographers in places or destinations that we absolutely love and want to capture. It’s been incredibly interesting to spend time with such talented photographers and see them in their element. The other reason why hiring a professional photographer is critical is because capturing a moment with every family member is extremely hard to do on your own with a camera on a tripod!! It is also for me personally unbelievably stressful to get my whole family ready, myself ready, and then try to be the photographer.

How do we find photographers in local areas? This may be the first thing you’re thinking – who do you work with? I love to browse social media to look for local photographers and really look at their work and see what fits our vibe!! A great example is recently we were in Tucson, Arizona and being able to capture the national park was high on my bucket list the moment we arrived! As I started to think about doing this myself, I quickly remembered that I’m not a professional photographer, and it would probably be smart to hire one. I’m so happy that we did because this certain time of rv life in Tucson holds very special memories for us.

Another instance is when we renewed our vows in Zion National Park. There was nothing that I wanted for that day other than our photographer, who we love and adore to come take our photos. Seeing the value in not only the photographer, but also in your family is worth every penny!

I am here to encourage you to find that local photographer, submerge yourself in a location that you love sit back and let someone else do the work and capture the memories. Here’s to cataloging your adventures through someone else’s lens. With love

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