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Wintertime Activities

Wintertime is coming and you may be thinking what is there to do in an RV for not only children but adults as well during the winter months? I am excited and eager to share with you that the wintertime in an RV can be some of the most meaningful time and dare I say best time of the year. From being able to embrace the outdoor nature and scenery or cozy up inside for hot chocolate, I am about to share with you some of the easiest, and most affordable ways that you can bond and spend time together this winter season.

Winter activities do not have to just include your stereotypical wintertime fun such as, skiing, sledding, winter train rides and some of the more expensive activities that are highlighted most often during the winter months. Although, those are incredible options you may be a family that is not into skiing, sledding or you are in a location that is not filled with snow.

You could also be like many of us full-time rv’rs where it is just not in the budget to do one paid activity after the next. So what does that leave you with when you think of wintertime activities? I am about to share with you some of our families go-to wintertime fun!

Being able to create activities that will include the whole family, and do not break the bank have always been my top priority.

Let’s start with some of the simpler activities that always have been some of our families favorite and it should be to no surprise that this includes food!

Tell me what sounds dreamier during the cold wintertime months than, creating a hot chocolate bar. This is a golden opportunity to take some time interacte with your children and sit back while they mix, match and create hot chocolate concoctions for you and your other family members. You can be as creative as you’d like with this and even take this a step further personalizing your hot chocolate bar for your children by creating homemade menus and signs with their names, this is always a hit with our children and so easy to do.

How about an ice cream charcuterie board while you and your family share all your favorite ice cream toppings. This activity can also be as big or as a small as you’d like. It can be a great repeat activity and something fun to look forward to doing. You can easily swap out ice cream for frozen yogurt as well.

Nature elements and activities, bringing in nature as part of your fun will allow you to feel connected to wherever your home on wheels may be during the wintertime. It also helps you explore the outdoors and keeps you moving.

Homemade nature garland is another family favorite you can keep this inside as a decoration for the season or even find a place outdoors to string this in trees for birds and squirrels.

Reindeer Food is another nature-based activity that allows you to gather outside nature to create along with getting everyone in the holiday spirit! I love to include the natural elements of wherever we may be that season, using that for the reindeers. It is always so fun to encourage our children to get creative with what they may think the reindeers will love as a Christmas Eve snack!

Let’s talk about a more meaningful nature activity that is close to my heart, which is creating place card settings with the natural elements around us, if you happen to not be in an area that will allow for this never be afraid to run to a local crafting store and pick up some dried flowers and leaves. We love adding intentional conversation about who we are creating a place card for and discussing what they mean to us.

Using leaves and sharpie markers can go an extremely long way this holiday season, adding in berries, twine and ribbon can make this new tradition your own.

Embracing the outdoors over the winter months is a must! Getting outside and exploring, no matter where you are during the holidays to hike and adventure is something you should add to your activities. Being in a nature is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family. This is also one of those winter activities that typically will be free, find a local park, nature path or go explore one of our many National Parks over the winter months.

I have purposely saved my favorite not just winter activity but all time rv traveler activity for last. It is something that I could bet may be one of your top favorite things to do as well, which is …… exploring the local scene. This is such an incredible way to submerge yourself into local culture and learn as well as have some fun. The wintertime excitement and being able to participate in local traditions is just a great way to elevate exploring a new town and take it to the next level.

This winter when you start to think about “what should we do” reference back to this article and start to create and explore some new traditions. Do not be afraid to add your own twist onto these activities and make them your families own.

Remember that rv’ing is truly about community and what better time to start to say hello to your fellow rv neighbors than over the winter months. I encourage you to invite some neighbors over and embark on some of these activities together.

Here’s to a winter filled with new traditions and activities, get outside, have fun and create.

Happy and Safe Winter-

With Love,


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