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Asheville- Happiness comes in peaks and valleys

Asheville is one of my favorite towns in the south and I always consider it a must see when in North Carolina.

Filled with incredible foods, breweries, hikes, a charming and fun downtown area, it always feels like there’s something for everyone to do!

Below I'm sharing some of our must sees when in Asheville and also a sweet little RV park that we stayed at (see my other blog post about that).

Get some south in your mouth by visiting Biscuit Heads, this is an absolute MUST especially if you are a biscuit lover!

Double D’s Coffee Bus! This is a must and has some of the best coffee and milkshakes anywhere in the south!

You can hop onto any hiking app to find some amazing hikes. One of the best things that I love; you don’t have to venture far or take on any dangerous or long hikes to find some epic views.

The Biltmore Estates is always a winner in my book! I’m going to mention that if you have small kids you may not want to tour the house, just because let’s face it-- that’s kind of boring for kids under the age of five!

Depending on which season you visit in, the grounds are lovely and just an amazing place to see. They also have the Antler Village geared towards the littles. This has a petting zoo and various little restaurants as well as a winery and free wine tasting! For me I would say just being on property is incredible enough!

Our favorite kid's science museum, AMOS, is located in downtown Asheville. IIt’s not too overwhelming and it feels like just the right amount of time and items for the kids to have a fun morning or afternoon! Plus it's only $9.00 for ages 3 and over! How can you go wrong?

Now the good stuff - the breweries! If you’re a brewery fan, you’ve lucked out. This is the jackpot of all breweries! I’m going to drop my favorite one below because it is so kid friendly and I feel like this is more like visiting a park for your kids and you’ve just brought a brew along! Sierra Nevada did it right when they built out this brewery. Vast areas outside for your kids to run and play, as well as large fire pits and some of the best food I’ve ever had.

Lastly, I want to encourage all of you on your adventures to hire a family photographer!! Now, obviously you don’t have to do it every time but man is it worth it every once in a while to hire a professional photographer to capture some of your special moments!

While in Asheville we had the unbelievable pleasure and honor to work with one of my dear friends' husbands and did he hit it out of the park... I’ll let you be the judge of that but I’d say hell yeah!!

I have included his website below but be on the lookout for the full blog post on why I feel this is so important!

I hope this helps on your next trip to Asheville, NC. Keep traveling and keep spending time with the ones you love!!!

With Love,

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