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Road Schooling? What is it?

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

What is road schooling?

Road schooling is exactly what one might assume. Essentially it is homeschooling while traveling the country, almost always in an RV of some sort.

This approach to learning came fairly simple for us as we were already constantly trying to integrate each day of learning while at home into some type of nature or outdoor exploration.

Think learning about trees then finding a hike where you can find those trees, or think about looking at different types of fungi and researching where you can go to find that, essentially it’s a much smaller version of road schooling!

This approach to learning is definitely not for everybody but it came quite natural to us. Being able to not only learn things by reading books, but also being able to go out and physically find them to explore and learn in the moments!!!!

One of the most common questions I get is, how do we store all of our supplies?

When we moved from 3500 ft.² to 300 we had to get very clear on what was important to bring, seeing as we are road schooling three small children, a space dedicated for that was top of the list.

Our living room in our Jayco RV has a beautiful open concept which houses a cabinet specifically designated for our children.

If you have followed me for a while you know that we have a very Montessori approach to learning as well, so our kids have access to almost all supplies. We have bins and boxes, nooks and crannies that house all the things that they need!

Creating a space dedicated for schooling gives it a much more “real” feeling for us!

My advice in creating any at home learning environment is less is more!

Streamline how you are teaching by having the basics! Fancy setups are not always necessary! Cut back on art supplies- each child needs one of each, you do not need an art store in your RV!

PLAN! Creating a monthly teaching plan will help cut down on storage! Print what you need for each month so you are not storing months of curriculum.

Check out my other blog posts to find out which curriculum we use!

Happy Schooling no matter what way you are doing it!

With Love-


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