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Switch your Lens…Switch your perspective!

Moms change the lens and it will change the view! I mean this literally and figuratively!

So here I am, sharing my obligatory I have a new camera post! LOL

But the post really is about the fact that, I put my camera down ten years ago!!!!! TEN!

Truly if I’m being honest I sold my camera and all my dark room equipment when I left New York City.

I swore I’d start shooting again once I had kids but well you know mom life!

Walking the city streets again with my camera made me really think about my perspective on this hobby of mine going to the back burner for a long time!

I have two perspectives on this now, one I could feel sad that I took a pause on a hobby I loved, or two I could just consider it ten years of seeing other beautiful shooting styles, really understanding what type of photography I love and coming back to this photography world with a whole new perspective.

So I’m not sure who needs to hear this, but If you switch the lens meaning if you switch how you’re viewing the situation because you have the power to do that, you can turn it into something positive!

Camera choices ABOUND, and a lot of people have asked me about what I chose, so here is what I thought worked best for my lifestyle and family. I wanted something that was flexible for both indoors and out, landscapes and portraits. I took some advice from my photographer and went with a Nikon mirrorless system. The Nikon Z5 is a great camera body for what I need, full frame, good in low light, and lightweight enough to carry in my bag.

As many of you know, the lenses for cameras are where the money hits harder. The flexibility of the Nikkor Z 24-70 was ideally suited for everything I needed without having to swap out lenses all the time.

Now bags are where we get to have a little more fun and be creative. I've been eyeing my photographer's bag for YEARS and let me tell you, this baby is gorgeous.

ONA's Brixton bag is big enough to house your camera + lenses, phone, keys, and a few extras...all in style. The full grain leather is something that will only get better with time while keeping all of your equipment safe and dry.

With Love,



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